How to start


Step 1

Using the Standards

If you want to create a high quality place for people and wildlife, download the User Guide (available on request), and use the framework of standards to reflect on the task you are undertaking, including policy writing, land allocation, master-planning, detailed design, implementation, management or maintenance. If you are focused on development, use the User Guide for Developers. If you are focused on policy, use the User Guide for Policy Makers.

Read the introductory chapters of the User Guide to understand what Building with Nature can help you with. Make yourself familiar with the format of the User Guide, including Aim, Purpose, Detailed Criteria (advisory only) and Evidence of Compliance.

If you decide to pursue Building with Nature accreditation, this is the stage where you identify a qualified Building with Nature Assessor to work with you to assess your scheme.

You can contact us directly to find out where qualified Assessors are located. The Assessor, who is trained in using Building with Nature, can guide you through the application of the standards to your scheme.

Step 2 -

Applying for Accreditation

Once your application is ready, your Assessor will submit to Building with Nature for audit and approval. If you are successful, you will be awarded with the accreditation and Marque. You will be also provided with an Evaluation Report which details the strengths of your scheme. This can be used to support a planning application, or communicate the benefits of your scheme to your network of stakeholders.

Step 3 -

celebrating performance in use

Once the entire scheme or each phase/parcel of your scheme is completed, a Building with Nature Assessor will return to conduct a post-construction check. The report from this site visit will be be to see whether the commitments are being delivered in reality.

If the scheme is performing as expected, you will be invited to apply for one of our prestigious National Awards. We will do a case study, highlight best practice through our networks and showcase as part of a national awards ceremony. 

If the Assessor has concerns, we will provide you with recommendations for remediation of green infrastructure features. A further site visit will be made, at which point the Award will be signed off or retracted.


User Guide

There are two versions of the User Guide: one for assessing physical development, and one for assessing policy documentation. Please complete the relevant form below to request a copy of the User Guide which best suits your interest.

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Please use this form if you would like a user guide for developers


Please use this form if you would like a user guide for policy makers

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